Public source on GitHub

Here we are glad to public Banana Pi source on GitHub BananaPi-Dev.  Hope everyone can create better projects from this small step.  Looking forward to seeing lots of applications, educational courses and/or products running on Banana Pi.

Measure the power consumption of Banana Pi

Some friends asked about the power consumption data of Banana Pi. Here I have several pictures for your reference.

Image : Use the image Raspbian_For_BananaPi_v2.0 released by
Equipment : USB interface power voltage/current meter
Boot up to Rasbian desktop, without any addition running application

Rasbian For Banana Pi bootups

Measurement result:

1. Boot with SD card only: 200mA stable

2. Boot with SD card + HDMI output: 210~220mA

3. Booted with SD card + HDMI output + Ethernet cable connected: 230mA

4. Booted with SD card + HDMI output + WiFi dongle: 390mA

Hackathon-2014 in Beijing China

Our developer friend's community will hold a Hackathon activity in China,  The winners would get "secret prizes" , Want to join?  (Chinese pages only)