Important Annoncement

 According to Lemaker team's Malicious acts of trademark registration, We have formally challenged by the relevant legal process and called for the repeal.

At the same time formally announce that Lemaker team has no any relevant to Banana PI projects. All their product development and service, If they declared relevant to our site, we will reserve the right to relevant laws.
In August, 2015, The Banana PI project founder-Foxconn Technology groups have signed an agreement with FUChuang Open Source Software Cultural Development and Promotion Foundation(Abbreviation:  Fuchuang OSS Foundation), we will entrust Fuchuang OSS Foundation to do promotion. In the same period, Fuchuang OSS Foundation assisted Taiwan Aletheia University International volunteer team Raised 200 sets Banana Pi to build the IT Classroom in Neimeng area, China. 

and slso authorized OSS Integral Institute Co., Ltd.  
to sell the Banana PI in Taiwan

The Story about BananaPi  for Neimeng IT Classroom , you can read more from this link.

About the News and service related to Banana PI Project, we will re-organize and release, please keep focus on our project.

Banana Pi 2 ( BPi-M2) is Mass Production now.

After about 6 month hard-working of Banana PI team, BPI -M2 Hardware platform bulk
production come out successful, the first batch BPI-M2 all in the market now.
We are working hard to improve all Software, and keep uploading on the forum,
all the Images will release on the forum as soon as possible.
Also, we will improve our git Server, source codes will release soon.

In order to meet market demand, the new batch of BPI-M2 will come out at the end of this month,
and we will increase production capacity to meet the market demand.
At this moment, Banana Pi single board computer have series products : Banana PI BPI-M1,BPI-M1+ and BPI-M2, in order to meet different customer’s demand.
We keep developing , we will provide more hardware product to developer.
Thanks for your support to Banana PI team.

[Sharing] Asterix for Banana Pi FreePBX image

A Banana Pi user, shoaib, shared his RasPBX running on Banana Pi.
Shoaib introduced Asterisk, FreePBX and RasPBX.  Also explained the steps to run RasPBX on BPi.

Thanks for your sharing~!

[Extension Boards] BPi-8x8RGB-LED matrix module

Our manufacturing partner, SinoVoip, makes many accessories and extension boards for Banana Pi.  Here comes a new piece!

This is a demo video in English speaking to show a 8x8 RGB-LED matrix module.
We believe many other fans also can create lots of amazing ideas as well.

Happy New Year 2015! 

[Activities] Banana Pi show up @ Maker Faire Tainan 2014

The Banana Pi partner and power user, Lamobo, will demo their maker projects with Banana Pi in the Stand#D9 of Maker Faire Tainan 2014.  Welcome all the fans of Banana Pi to meet up and make together!

Project Name:  Lamobo open source software/hardware/services

Projects briefing:

There are four hardware projects there: 
1) Lamobo M1 (Banana Pi): Developer board, to be a mini-PC or server
2) Lamobo R1 (BPi-R1):  Developer 802.11n smart router 
3) Lamobo R1S: Developer 802.11n smart router and smart home gateway
4) Lamobo D1 (BPi-D1):IP camera 

1.Exhibition date: 2014/11/15(Sat.)~2014/11/16(Sun.)
2.Exhibition hour: 10:00~17:00
National Cheng Kung University (NCKU), Tainan City, Taiwan
4. Free entry

For detailed information, please check the official website of Maker Faire Tainan 2014 (