[Activities] Banana Pi show up @ Maker Faire Tainan 2014

The Banana Pi partner and power user, Lamobo, will demo their maker projects with Banana Pi in the Stand#D9 of Maker Faire Tainan 2014.  Welcome all the fans of Banana Pi to meet up and make together!

Project Name:  Lamobo open source software/hardware/services

Projects briefing:

There are four hardware projects there: 
1) Lamobo M1 (Banana Pi): Developer board, to be a mini-PC or server
2) Lamobo R1 (BPi-R1):  Developer 802.11n smart router 
3) Lamobo R1S: Developer 802.11n smart router and smart home gateway
4) Lamobo D1 (BPi-D1):IP camera 

1.Exhibition date: 2014/11/15(Sat.)~2014/11/16(Sun.)
2.Exhibition hour: 10:00~17:00
National Cheng Kung University (NCKU), Tainan City, Taiwan
4. Free entry

For detailed information, please check the official website of Maker Faire Tainan 2014 (http://www.makerfairetainan.tw/)

[Sharing] Build your own Banana Pi computer sets on the desk

An enthusiastic user of Banana Pi, actkk2000 in LeMaker Forum, shared his adventure to assemble his own unique Banana Pi computer.

He made a Banana Pi case from a Cubietruck ewell case, added a LCD display, showing CPU temperature and room temp/humidity, clock about current time.  Guess he had lots of fun and glad to share the progress.  Thank you, actkk2000!

Progress on LeMaker Forum:

Working demo video here: (Banana Pi and Raspberry Pi stand together!)

OpenWRT community support to release image for Banana Pi

Re-post the announcement post from Lemaker Forum

OpenWRT for Banana Pi v1.0 image released

Lemaker just announced to release OpenWRT test version images for Banana Pi.  The development on Banana Pi will keep ongoing with Lemaker and OpenWRT communities.

The latest daily build can be found at http://downloads.openwrt.org/snapshots/trunk/sunxi/

[Share] Lamobo M1 Remote Control Car

Lamobo T.W. make products by using Banana Pi and create a product series named "Lamobo".

Lamobo T.W. recently shared their Lamobo M1 Remote Control Car on Youtube.  Although its subtitle is in Chinese, we still can see the rough procedures how they built the remote car.

They integrated a piece of Banana Pi, USB WiFi dongle, SD card, moto control board, wheels board, battery pack and then controlled the car by Android tablet.

Looking forward their further sharing with DIY instructions and related documents.  Hope they can provide the video clipping in English as well.


[10/2 Updated] Lamobo T.W. shared the step-by-step procedures to assemble the car. Many pictures are attached in the document.  http://pan.baidu.com/s/1i3eMnNB