Banana Pi vs. Raspberry Pi

Banana Pi is a fork of Raspberry Pi project using different components while maintain compatibility as much as possible.
  1. The main SoC chip is different.
    Raspberry Pi has Broadcom ARM11 core chip  while Banana Pi has Allwinner ARM Cortex-A7 dual cores.  The ARM architecture is the major differences. Banana Pi has more features enabling by ARM v7 architecture and still be compatible to run applications on ARMv6.

  2. The physical dimension of Banana Pi is wider than Raspberry.
    Be aware ! Current box of Raspberry Pi is not big enough to fit Banana Pi.

  3. Banana Pi has more hardware components.
    For example, Banana Pi has on-board micphone, internal SATA connector, IR receiver, OTG connector, power and reset switch. These components are not available on Raspberry Pi.

  4. The connectors of LCD LVDS interface and Camera interface are different.
    Current Raspberry Pi camera module does NOT work with Banana Pi. In addition, Banana Pi may be able to connect external LVDS display but not Raspberry Pi since it never enable its DSI connector.

In summary, Banana Pi currently has smaller community size, less documentation and it will need to tune OS distribution for Allwinner SoC and its add-on hardware components.