[Activities] Banana Pi show up @ Maker Faire Tainan 2014

The Banana Pi partner and power user, Lamobo, will demo their maker projects with Banana Pi in the Stand#D9 of Maker Faire Tainan 2014.  Welcome all the fans of Banana Pi to meet up and make together!

Project Name:  Lamobo open source software/hardware/services

Projects briefing:

There are four hardware projects there: 
1) Lamobo M1 (Banana Pi): Developer board, to be a mini-PC or server
2) Lamobo R1 (BPi-R1):  Developer 802.11n smart router 
3) Lamobo R1S: Developer 802.11n smart router and smart home gateway
4) Lamobo D1 (BPi-D1):IP camera 

1.Exhibition date: 2014/11/15(Sat.)~2014/11/16(Sun.)
2.Exhibition hour: 10:00~17:00
National Cheng Kung University (NCKU), Tainan City, Taiwan
4. Free entry

For detailed information, please check the official website of Maker Faire Tainan 2014 (http://www.makerfairetainan.tw/)