Banana Pi 2 ( BPi-M2) is Mass Production now.

After about 6 month hard-working of Banana PI team, BPI -M2 Hardware platform bulk
production come out successful, the first batch BPI-M2 all in the market now.
We are working hard to improve all Software, and keep uploading on the forum,
all the Images will release on the forum as soon as possible.
Also, we will improve our git Server, source codes will release soon.

In order to meet market demand, the new batch of BPI-M2 will come out at the end of this month,
and we will increase production capacity to meet the market demand.
At this moment, Banana Pi single board computer have series products : Banana PI BPI-M1,BPI-M1+ and BPI-M2, in order to meet different customer’s demand.
We keep developing , we will provide more hardware product to developer.
Thanks for your support to Banana PI team.