Download & Install

Make or Download image files by your preference

Supported OS

You can make your own image or get an image created by others.  There are several choices now.  We currently have Linux, Raspbian-like OS, Android for your preference of Operation System.  With the convenient design of removable SD card slot, you can change your working environment easily.

To use those image file, you will need to choice a suitable (4GB or larger) SD card.  Please kindly be noted the faster speed class of SD card you use, the better performance you could expect.

Prepare your booting SD card for Banana Pi
  • For Linux, UNIX users
    You can using dd command to make a booting SD card.
  • For Windows users
    You can use Win32DiskImager to burn the image file to SD card.

If you still has problem to get the booting SD card ready, we have community on the forum can help you with that.