History and Milestones of Banana Pi

2013.1    Shape the idea to develop a good open source software/hardware to leverage the open source trend and advantages of hardware manufacturing in China region.

2013.3    Set up the vision and mission of our program in three major fields: 
                “Open Source, Education, Public Welfare”

2013.4    Project evaluation with Freescale i.MX6 platform

2013.5    Project Initiated, Named Banana PiAdded Allwinner A20 platform

2013.6    Project Spec draft, Project kicked-off as Banana Pi

2013.7    EVB-A schematic v1.0 & Prototyping (Freescale i.MX6 Dual & Allwinner A20)

2013.8    Allwinner A20EVB-B prototyping

2013.8    Registry domain name: www.bananapi.org

2013.10  Allwinner A20 EVT-A schematic v1.3, EVT-A green-color PCB prototyping

2013.10  Invited SinoVoip as part of Banana Pi R&D team and also manufacturing partner

2013.11  Verification, Certification pre-scan, Develop manufacturing test for mass production

2013.12  Allwinner A20 small pilot run for mass production check with green-color PCB

2013.12  Allwinner A20 Schematic v1.4 for mass production

2014.3    Invited Team LeMaker via SinoVoip to be part of Banana Pi R&D Team

2014.3    Registry domain name: www.banana-pi.org

2014.4    LeMaker team launched the Banana Pi Forum as a technical support partner

2014.4    Allwinner A20 mass Production kick-off with blue-color PCB schematic v1.4

2014.7    Join Allwinner A20 platform Open Source Community, Public Banana Pi kernel source on