Vision & Mission

The Vision and Mission of Banana Pi

We (Banana Pi R&D) are a group of passionate open source engineers coupled with production and marketing partners who shared the same ideology. Based on endless development opportunities with the open source software, the inspiration of open hardware development like Arduino, and the ascendant of the Maker’s era, this organization is to make a small contribution to the society based on our accumulated ability.

Therefore, the goals and mission of our organization is to meet three focus fields: "Open Source, Education, and Public welfare."

The "open source" field through the planned hardware platform as a vehicle to expand the open-source software development.

On the "education" field, we followed the same educational philosophy as the
Raspberry Pi Foundation, to promote Banana Pi in the educational applications, and to focus in the education purpose by supporting universal education program programming.

On the "public welfare" field, the goal is to unite enthusiasts through a low cost products and open source software, and to expand social awareness.

We want to spread the seeds of a long term growth in the open source eco system. Members in the organization are aligned with open source development, education and public welfare in all aspects of software application development, peripheral hardware, accessories development, initiate derivative development boards, and lead to building independent associates. Further support in the public welfare, and continue the expansion of eco system with joy!